A song in this morning

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Jun 9, 2017 00:31
I cannot remember how I found this movie in this morning. I stopped listening the radio of BBC’ news, then I was searching something on google. Finally, I suddenly reached this song. I have known this singer for a long time, but I didn’t like his song so much. Rather, I have never ever thought of how I liked his song. But in this morning, his song caught my heart. I wanted to start dancing. In fact, I was dancing while listening it.
The words of love in this song is so straight. That’s why I liked it today. Usually I don’t like the song which uses the word “love” a lot. Actually this song does not use the word of "愛Ai"(in English:love).
It says “I liked you(好きだったんだぜsukidattanndaze. It is in a dialect of Tokyo area. I like the sounds of this phrase.)”.
"好きsuki" means usually “like”. Japanese people do not say so much, “I love you(愛してるAishiteru)”. I think people more often say, “I really like you(大好きdaisuki)”. I'm not sure whether the meaning of "大好き" is closer to "love" or "like".
It is difficult to understand the difference of the nuance between love and "愛", "愛" and "恋koi". "恋" is usually translated to "fall in love with you" or "crazy about you".
If somebody knows about these things, please tell me!!!


"Zutto Sukidatta"
(words and music by Kazuyoshi Saitou)
I translated it. ↓↓

Walking in this town revives the days of my 16 years old
The pictures drawn in my textbook were that guitar and your face
We played a prank on you, our Madonna
Your sweet old voice, a bashful youth

I liked you that whole time, and you are as beautiful as ever.
I really loved you, I couldn’t tell you, though.
I liked you that whole time, and you are still beautiful.
I really loved you. You knew this feeling, didn’t you?

It is not enough to talk with you, my feeling can’t stop running
If everybody goes home tonight, how about joining me in a drink, only me and you?

After you had left this town, did you find your happiness?
“Please tell me... No, sorry nothing” --Tell me what was that kiss--

I liked you that whole time. It is like that day.
I really loved you. I cannot follow only dream now, though.
I liked you that whole time, and you are still beautiful.
I really loved you. I do not want to let you leave.

I liked you that whole time, and you are as beautiful as ever.
I really loved you.

I liked you that whole time.
I really loved you.


私の完全な主観だけど、日本人は、「愛している」というよりは「大好き」とか「本当に好き」とか言うことが多いと思う。けど、この「大好き」は英語だと「love」と「really like」のどっちのニュアンスに近いのだろう?
それから、「love」と「like」の違いは、「愛」と「恋」の違いに対応するのかもよく分からない。「love」が「恋」と訳されているのをよくみかけるし、それ以外だと「fall in love」とか「crazy about you」とかだろうか?

ちなみに、英語訳は「love」と「really like」のどっちも使ってみました。


教科書の落書きは ギターの絵とキミの顔
俺たちのマドンナ イタズラで困らせた
懐かしいその声 くすぐったい青い空

ずっと好きだったんだぜ 相変わらず綺麗だな
ホント好きだったんだぜ ついに言い出せなかったけど
ずっとすきだったんだぜ キミは今も綺麗だ
ホント好きだったんだぜ 気づいてたろうこの気持ち

話足りない気持ちは もう止められない
今夜みんな帰ったら もう一杯どう?二人だけで

この町を離れて しあわせはみつけたかい?
「教えてよ やっぱいいや・・・」あの日のキスの意味

ずっと好きだったんだぜ まるであの日みたいだ
ホント好きだったんだぜ もう夢ばかり見てないけど
ずっと好きだったんだぜ キミは今も綺麗だ
ホント好きだったんだぜ 帰したくないこの気持ち

ずっと好きだったんだぜ 相変わらず綺麗だな