My idol: Hua Chenyu (华晨宇)

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Jul 12, 2018 15:49
Everyone likes another one for a reason. You are obsessed with one might because he (or she) is enchanting, resourceful or it is the person who could server as ideals, as models, as possibilities-some reflecting the secret self that dwelled inside ourselves, or pointing to whole new ways that a person (if only he dared) might try to be .

As for me, My favorite person is Hua Chenyu(华晨宇), a singer and composer. At first sight , everybody just assumed that he was weird. Unreadable music, odd action. I fond of him not in spite of his uncommonness but because of it.

In fact, He is a genius , a no-nonsense boy, cool, untamed, and self-contained , whose lonely, painful childhood had ingrained in his impressive firmness of character, an unwillingness to charm or curry favor. Even if in a singing competition on TV, he would never choose the music that was popular , attractive for the audience.What he preferred was only something he recognized. Nevertheless, he always got a first in the competition as a result of his excellent creation, arrangement and singing .

He is so young but he has desperate gallantry to be himself no matter what would happen. He is an exemplary new-generarion singer and also an ideal model.




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