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Jun 22, 2018 04:42
Purchases last days
Recently I bought a not expensive smartphone for my son and a tablet for myself. My son is seven. I think he will be ask for electronic devices sometime not soon. Some of his friends already have the smartphones and tablets and they play computer games. My son was asking me to buy a smartphone for a long time.My wife and I were against it. But I remember being sad when I wanted a toy as a child,and my parents didn't buy it. My son is happy now, but I'm not sure what I did was right. Today he told me he went for a walk with other kids this morning, tripped and fell and dropped his smartphone. "Don't worry,daddy, it wasn't broke, " he said. Oh my Goodness.."You should look at the road, not at smartphone when you go.If you do it again, I take it back,"I said. You might ask me why he don't ask me a tablet. It just doesn't fit in his pocket.