Two days without the Internet

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Jan 8, 2019 20:17
Two days without the Internet
My kids and I spent two days out the city. We were at a recreation center located near a beautiful lake. Of course, it has a Wi-Fi access, but I didn't use it at all. I wanted to spend these days without news. I thought, it would be very interesting experience if I don't use the Internet for a long time. I think, I would feel better if I won't use the Internet a couple of months at least. I also thought, that I don't want to return to the city. It's too crowded and terrible traffic. I would prefer to live in the village where the air is clear and people never hurry to somewhere. I know, that's just a dream. I lived in the country many years ago. At that time I dreamed to live in the city. Living in Russian villages isn't comfortable. I can't just leave and go to the country. Besides, I know I'm gonna get bored country living very soon. Well, home sweet home. Life goes on.