A Table And A Chair

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Jan 16, 2019 18:34
A Table And A Chair
A Spanish woman, who lived in Russia almost 3 years, told a funny story on her Youtube's channel. In her video she is talking about amusing cases that happened when she tried to speak Russian in Russia. She lived in the dorm in Moscow together a Japanese girl. That girl also just started to learn Russian. There were two bed, two tables in their room. But they have a chair only. They decided to ask for a more chair. She repeated to herself their request in Russian over and over until she's memorized it. Then she went to the commandant of the dorm to ask a chair. Some time later they brought a table for the students. They were surprised, because they wanted a chair. A little more time has passed and she asked a chair again. They again brought a table. She just mixed up one letter in the Russian word "table". If you learn Russian you probably know that the words " a table" and " a chair" just different only by one letter in Russian.
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