I Still Remember When I Use to Be Nine Years Old

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Aug 3, 2019 02:56
I Still Remember When I Use to Be Nine Years Old

First time I listened to this song when I was 9 or 10 years. It was a puppet show on TV and the song sounded as background music. I couldn't see a singer. Last year I watched a movie. A character in the movie songs this song a short time. I could understand a couple of words and that was enough to find the song on the Internet. Now I know that it was a British singer Lulu. She's so fiery. A single "Shout" was recorded in 1964. I wasn't born yet. Of course, I listened to her other songs, but "Shout" is the best in my opinion. She was a winner of the Eurovision song contest with the song «Boom Bang-A-Bang» in 1969. However that song is so ordinary. There are many people who sing this song on the Internet. Here are the links to Lulu and an another girl that sings a cover this song.Have you ever listened to this song? I couldn't find this video on Youtube again for some reason. So I put it in the cloud.