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Jun 27, 2019 02:49
Tonight I didn't use my laptop at home. I know if I do this I would go to bed too late. Sometimes I surf the Internet by 2 a.m. That's terrible. I cannot work well next day. That's why I didn't turn up my laptop tonight. I posted this entry by my cellphone. Tonight I worked out for one and half hours. Then I took clean dishes from the dishwasher and dished the other dishes. I wrote an entry about my work in English for this site. Then I did gymnastics for my back. Now I'm writing one more entry in English. My wife brought some clothes for our son. She boutht it by the Internet from England. After dinner, she began to work at her desktop. She works at the University. Our kids are in the countryside near the beautiful lake. We visited them last weekend. We are going to spend togheter next weekend too.