Learning foreign languages on the Internet

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Jan 6, 2019 03:07
Learning foreign languages on the Internet
Today I found some interesting English lessons on YouTube. They're for beginners, so I can get everything. I'm so sorry that there wasn't that when I was younger and tried to learn English. This site I like too, though I usually make a lot of mistakes and see that my English isn't very good. I believe that the best way to learn English is talking with native speakers. That's too hard to socialize on the Internet if you're beginner. You cannot to speak fluently. Once I tried to talk to American who studied Russian. She was very shy. We could help each other, but we didn't. We wanted to socialize as if we knew foreign languages. We putted ourselves too difficult a task. That's why we stopped to socialize. We could choose some topics and tried to talk about something. We shouldn't to be afraid to look like dumb.Who helps you with Russian?