My vacation

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Aug 6, 2017 22:18
My vacation
My vacation almost finished. Yesterday I came back to home. My family and I were in Crimea this time. I know media in the US and Europe are reporting that Crimea was occupied by Russia. That is inherent nonsense. There are a lot of Russians, who were born and are living all their lives there. That's why Russians in Crimea wanted to reunion Crimea with Russia. That's true, you can believe me. There were few Ukrainian there. However I met a Russian, who was very upset with reunion Russia and Crimea. He was a taxi driver. He said that he had more tips in the past. He is working at the hotel owned by former officer KGB. It was very funny to hear how he scolded Putin and Russia.
An other driver told us, that entrance to all beaches was paid before. That is free now. Ukraine didn't invested anything in Crimea for 25 years while Crimea was in Ukraine. I've seen a lot of large hotels built last time.
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