The Internet or TV

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Jun 4, 2017 21:10
The Internet or TV
On weekday evenings I'll try don't surfing the Internet at home. I'd like to sleep enough. I noticed that I didn't turn on TV for a long time. If I have free time I use my laptop. I watch news, read and correct my friends' posts on Lang-8 (sometimes that takes a lot of time :-)). I'm also looking for something interesting on Youtube. Sometimes I do that for three or four hours. I'd like to try watching films or reading books instead of surfing the Internet. I usually use my laptop since 10 p.m. on weekdays, but I get up for work at 6. 45, so I don't sleep enough. I can't stop myself. :-) If I watch TV, I'll go to bed very soon, because watching movies on TV is too boring.
I like to change my activities on the Internet. For example, I studied my English course, read some news on my favorite site and revised the video which I love so much before I decided to write this entry.
By the way, here's this video.

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