About ancient traditions

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Jun 8, 2017 05:34
About ancient traditions
A dude from Mexico asked Russians on another site for learning foreign languages, "How close are you guys to Slavic mythology?" I replied to him,"A little. We're Orthodox Christians. The Orthodox religion and Soviet mythology had more influence on Russians mentality."
To be honest I never thought of that. We very often say with pride that we're Slavic people. However, the traditions of ancient Slavs who was the Gentiles almost forgotten.
The Orthodox religion is more than one thousand years in Russia. Historically, the Orthodox religion had played a crucial role in preserving the country's cultural heritage. After the fall of the Byzantine empire, Russia became the legal successor of the Orthodox religion. Of course, we know about some ancient pagan celebrations like Maslenitsa, Kupala Night etc. However, we don't perceive them as pagan holidays.