The possibilities offered by the Internet

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Apr 14, 2019 05:07
The possibilities offered by the Internet

Today, I watched a video on the Internet. The video shows some funny situations: dancing cats, funny falls, well, you know the videos like this. About 10 second I watched the snow-covered trees and listen on very nice music. A singer sung in English. I understood several words and it was enough to found this song on the Internet. It wasn't easy, but I tried so hard and now I know a very nice singer. Is the singer Fleurie famous in your country? By the way, there's a best part of a song in the video. I cutted this part and can share it with you. I'll probably be use a short version like a ringtone on my cellphone. Recently I found a nice Russian song the same way.

A short version
A full version
An another song