A Soul and a Body or People Change

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Nov 14, 2018 04:23
A Soul and a Body or People Change
If you watched some videos on YouTube, it offered to you the similar videos next time. Everyone knows that. I wrote here about German singer named Helen Fisher. She sang Russian songs among others. I like her singing, especially Russian and Ukrainian songs. I wrote a post here about her, because I was amazed at amount of people at the concert hall. A man, living in Germany, wrote in the comments on YouTube, that she is number one in Germany. I've never heard about her before that. I watched her other videos and she looked completely different. Russian songs she sang very gently. Her eyes radiated love and joy when she was singing lyric songs in Russian and English. She really has a very beautiful voice. But... look at second video. Now she has an athletic body. Look at her shoulders..Her show changed too. How many happy faces are there.. Of course, a new show is more amazing, but I was disappointed. You can ask,"Is it bad that she has a strong athletic body now?" Of course, it's good. I like sports and do exercises to be in fit. Obviously, she is more successful now. But does she need Russian songs now? She isn't Russian, though was born in Russia. By the way, I like second video. But there is a huge difference between these videos. Perhaps, Russians seem somewhat strange. I think, Russians isn't a nationality. To be Russian is state of mind.