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Apr 28, 2019 05:47
Recently I tried to come up with ways using the Passive voice. I wrote here, that many reports were filmed by me, when I worked on TV. It was very interesting experience, but it was a very long time ago. I hardly ever think about it. The sentence in the passive voice brought back a lot of memories. I worked at TV station in the small town twenty five years ago. I worked as a journalist. I filmed reports for TV news and read the news. I also worked as a broadcaster. I really filmed a lot of reports - about 2 or 3 reports a day. Once I filmed 5 or 6 reports and was a broadcaster of a news program on that day. I can't do it now. Unfortunately, I have only one VHS cassette with videos were filmed by me when I worked on TV. It's just a video and stand ups. It isn't reports. I mounted video to show to one of my friends here. Then I thought, it might be interesting to others friends. On video I was talking with a director from the US, who staged a play at the theatre in my city. Her name is Martha Mason. She invited us to her apartment for the dinner. On video she said in Russian:" Tomatoes are good in Russia, but it's bad in the New York". I'd like to know how she is now. By the way, I showed this video to my kids today. They didn't recognize me for a long time. It's crazy how time flies. There isn't a video at the beginning of the record. It's very old cassette.
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