How I slept through the earthquake.

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Jan 14, 2016 15:47
How I slept through the earthquake.
When I was a teenager, I lived in Asia. Once I was sleeping at home alone. My parents were at them work. They came back at home in the morning. They were very excited. My parents woke me up. My mom hugged me and almost cried. She asked me repeatedly : “Are you OK?". At night, there was an earthquake in my city. It was a small earthquake. I don't know how big the earthquake was on the Richter scale. Nobody was hurt and nothing was destroyed. Some dishes were broken only. We were lucky. However many people were absolutely terrified. Many of my friends woke up at night and ran out of the houses. They walked the streets until the morning because they were afraid to come into the houses. I slept very well that night. I have not heard something.