A Regular Day

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Nov 5, 2018 06:28
A Regular Day
It's almost a half past one a.m. I'm not sleeping because I'm surfing the Internet. I know, it's so stupid. I won't go to work tomorrow. It will be a day off in Russia. Today or rather yesterday was a regular day. I did exercise for two hours at a not expensive fitness center near the swimming pool. My son has been swimming there for a forty five minutes, after that he played games on his cellphone. I went to the swimming pool yesterday, so I decided to lift weights today. Nothing special to happen yesterday. We bought new furniture for my daughter, so we sort out her toys and books. I found on the Internet the videos of girls playing the guitar by chance. One of them is playing solo for the guitar from the song of Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb. I enjoy it. In the old days I was listening Pink Floyd very often. Another one is a cover of song Sweet Home Alabama . When I was listening it I thought that I really like how sound English. A singer is pretty and her T-shirt fits her perfectly. "And I think its a sin, yes".

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