The Atrocities of the Nazis

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Jul 7, 2019 05:20
The Atrocities of the Nazis
After World War II, the international community was shocked and horrified by the atrocities of the Nazis. It's only been 74 years and many people in the West know nothing about it. I watched a German documentary movie about Holocaust. An author asked some German teenagers " What did Hitler with Jews?" They know nothing. A girl timidly since proposed "Did he made them work?" They know nothing about Auschwitz and "doctor" Mengele, they had never seen the pictures which Soviet military found in the pocket of died Nazis.I already wrote here, that the USSR lost 23 million civilians, Germany lost 3 million civilians during WWII. If you've ever seen those pictures, you know why. German military smiled in many of those pictures. Germans considered Jews and Slavs subhuman. At these days, Jews only remind the Western community of the horrors of the Holocaust. Not only Jews were in the Death camps. Millions of Russians died there. Many Soviet villages were burned down by German military with all of the residents.Russians hardly ever call that war like WW II. We call it the Great Patriotic War. We must never forget the atrocities of the past.