The Cost of Living in Orlando And My City

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May 2, 2019 05:55
The Cost of Living in Orlando And My City
Today, I watched a video on Youtube, was filmed a Russian immigrant, who lives in the US. He was talking about the cost of living in Orlando, Florida. He said, that living in the city isn't too expensive in comparison L.A. I'd like to tell you about the cost of living in Russian province. There are three persons in his family. There's one more person in my family. Let's compare. He said, that he spends on food about 1 thousand dollars a month. I usually spend on food about 20 or 25 thousand roubles. It's 310-390 dollars at the current rate. Utilities costs about 60 dollars a month in Orlando and 70 dollars in my city. Rent a one bedroom apartment is one thousand and two hundred dollars in the nice neighborhood. I have an own apartment, so I don't spend money on rent. Rent an one-bedroom apartment is 170-200 dollars in my city. Of course, it isn't Orlando. That's why this cost item cannot be compared. Health insurance also cannot be compared. Russians spend very few on health insurance, but paid to the doctor (it costs less, then in the US). I know a very little English and can't tell you how it works. He spends 100 dollars a month on the Internet, I spend 6,5 dollars. The Internet is faster in Russia than in the US. Many Russian immigrants told about it. He spends on electricity 150 dollars, I spend 5 dollars. The cost of car insurance is 100 dollars in Orlando and 7 dollars in my city. What else? The cost of kindergarten services for one child is one thousand dollars in Orlando and 28 dollars in my city. His total costs is 5100 dollars a month. My wife and I usually spend about 1 800 - 2 000 dollars a month. Why are there so many poor people in Russia? They can't spend 2 000 dollars a month. Average salary is 570 dollars in my city. The pension is about 280 dollars. I have no idea how they can live on that money. And what will happen to me if I lose my job.