Skiing in Siberia and Sochi

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Jun 25, 2017 05:41
Skiing in Siberia and Sochi
I continue to share with you interesting videos about Russia. I came across this video today, though it made last year. It's a quite long video , but five minutes will be enough to see if it's interesting to you or not.. An Englishman who lives in Russia several years tells about an amazing things in my country. I think he is from the UK, because someone asked him about his queen. He is a funny dude, I like his comments. I watched a show by another guy from England on TV . He lives in Russia for a long time. His cooking show is exciting. He had been to many Russian cities and regions. I don't turn on TV for his show, but if I am at home I usually watch it. He speaks Russian, so his show wouldn't interesting to you. How can I get myself to study English instead of surfing the Internet? So, here's a link to a bikini festival in Siberia and Sochi.