111 Reasons to Love Russia

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Jul 18, 2019 03:59
111 Reasons to Love Russia
I read an article in German magazine about a book named "One hundred and
eleven reasons to love Russia". The book was written a German. He has been living in Russia more than 25 years. I was interested in the title of the book, but it turns out it's just a guidebook.There are a lot of beautiful places in Russia. He described some superstitions and omens of Russians. I will write about two of them. He wrote,"You shouldn't shake a hand Russians across the threshold. They think, it's a chance of disagreement between you." It's true. Most of us think so. Second superstition is following. He wrote,"If you stepped on foot of Russian, you should let him or her to step on your foot for the same reason." It's false. You shouldn't do that. We did that when we were kids. As to the reasons for love Russia... I have one, but it's enough for me. I was born here, I know why Russians do the things they do. I'm home. East or West - home is best.