Fast Food, Family and Friendship

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Jan 29, 2019 04:17
Fast Food, Family and Friendship
Today I found a video of interesting foreigner who learns Russian and has an Youtube channel. I don't know where he is from. He wrote he is from the West. He definitely is an English native speaker. In his video he talks about 3 things that are better in Russia than the West in his opinion. First of all he noted that he saw few people who has overweight in Russia. He said that many Russians eat fast food very seldom. That's true. But it's not that simple. For example, I hardly ever eat unhealthy foods, but I'm getting overweight. The same thing happened with my mother at the same age. She was very slim when she was young. The second one is that Russians have strong family ties. That also is the true. The relatives spend a lot of time together in Russia. The next one is friendship. He said, that people in the West called someone their friend almost immediately after meeting. There are a lot of words for "friends" in Russian. Russians never call people their friends if they know them badly. He said many Russians asked him why he moved to Russia. "Are you crazy?" - he heard this question very often here. But he thinks there are many good things in Russia.