A Spanish Is Talking About Russian Habits

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Jan 16, 2019 03:28
A Spanish Is Talking About Russian Habits
A couple of days ago I wrote here about a Spanish, who studied in Russia and spoke Russian fluently. She has a channel on Youtube. I watched some videos. I'd like to tell you about her habits acquired in Russia. Her first new habit is Russian food. She eats buckwheat every day. I know that Americans and British don't do this. But Russians really like buckwheat. It's very hard to buy buckwheat in Barcelona, so she asked to write in the comments where she can get it. She also loved sour cream in Russian and now she adds this to any dish. I don't know why she does it. I wouldn't add sour cream to pasta or dessert. No accounting for tastes. She should be careful because she would to get overweight from sour cream. I prefer kefir. Recently I read here about a Russian speaker blogger from the US. He has been in Russia and admired the milk he drank here. He also criticized milk and other food in the US. Perhaps the fact that he is Russian. I watched a video in which Americans couldn't to eat Russian meal. It seemed awful to them. Let's return to the video. She said that she had used a kettle first in Russia when she was 24. Now she enjoys tea like most Russians. Her parents and friends haven't a kettle. - No one has a kettle here, she said. She also is talking about other things in the video. But this entry is getting too big, so I stopped. It's too hard to correct the big entries, I know. That girl is very optimistic. In the ending of video she tried to remember a Russian word. She is very cute in that moment. I hope you will like her. Thanks for your help.