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Feb 10, 2012 02:45
I’ve recently re-read my notes for Economic Theory. There is a phrase: “Our course explains the economic structure and it discloses all mysteries of social life…Economic Science is useless at predicting a course of events precisely, but it can reveal their economic logic and its practical value at cognition of this logic”.

When I first read it I thought: “Of course, we can’t predict the future but if we know the economic laws and can ponder, it will help us not to make so many mistakes as we could make without our knowledge. Also, it’s well known that the social prosperity depends on the economic prosperity. Everybody wants to have a worthy life.” Now I see that it was just two sides of the coin. What about the third side?

It’s quite obvious that economics can help to reveal a root of social problems but it depends on spiritual life as well. If we observe the logical chain of current events, we woun’t wonder why we have what we have and why our world develops this way. Everything is correlated.

I’ll cite as an example to explain my point of view.
In my opinion, the most fascinating period of history is the 19th century because it was a period of industrialization, the time of forming the global market. When Schilling invented the electromagnetic telegraph he must have hoped to make the communication between people who were widely spaced easier and as many scientists he must have loved inventing. Although this invention was one of the great number of other inventions (just remember how many things were invented in the 19th century), only a telegraph started a process of forming the global market. If earlier a letter from London to Kolkata and the response were mailed no less than a year, since the era of telegraph came people could exchange the messages during a day. It helped bankers, manufacturers; merchants do business with each other being on the different corners of the planet: they could order goods and take credits in the places where they were the cheapest. Owing to money monopolists could interfere in the policy. Imperialism came up to take competitive capitalism place. The world got divided into the economic spheres of influence.

As a result, we have EU, AFTA, NAFTA, OPEC. Some people suppose that these unions were formed to facilitate to a certain group of people control of the events happening in the world by putting common laws in force, introducing general standards of registration and broadcasting special TV programs. Indeed, a television has a great influence on people’s values, their notions about worthy life and political situation. Even a simple ad can change our behavior to some extent!

Who knows what will be next? Great changes happened in the world… Thanks to what? A telegraph!