Annoying&Endearing Habits

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Sep 25, 2011 00:10
According to NLP there are three types of people: auditory, visual and kinesthetic.
Have you ever tried to determine your type? Have you ever thought that it can help you to understand why some people's habits annoy you and some of them give you a joy?
Try to observe the situations that irritate you. Maybe you can't concentrate when there's a noise around (or even when somebody clicks the mouse) or you can't normally communicate with person whose clothes you don't like or maybe you prefer chaos and can't understand why others try to make you clean your room.
Of course, pure types don't exist but at least one type predominates in every of us.
If in your speech you use phrases like "I want to show...", "Do you focus on the problem?", "Perspective is unclear" and if most of your irritants are connected with visual images, you're obviously a visual.
If you like to say "I want that you feel it", "I feel a contact" or "I'm absolutely indifferent to this idea", if you like to sit in a short distance when you talk to somebody and if the things that irritate you are concerned with your senses (especially with touch and smell), you're a kinesthetic.
If you like phrases like "Listen carefully what I say to you", "Tell me more details", "That sounds great!" and if you're getting angry when people, scrabbling about something, make noise, you're an auditory.
What can we do to decrease influence of above-mentioned irritants? Well, visuals should try to decorate their rooms to create a place where they can give a rest to their eyes. The easiest way of relaxing for auditories is to turn the music on and forget about all external noises. If you're an auditory and you know a place where you can be alone, just go there! Being kinesthetic, you can find a comfortable place, light aromatic candles and do things you should do.
Try to use these advises or think of your own. Good luck!