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Mar 25, 2011 23:19
I looked the news that Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 will be released after June.
Galaxy Tabの10.1インチ版と8.9インチ版が6月以降に発売されるらしい。

Though I would like to buy a Motorola's tablet device "XOOM", I began to consider after I had known that iPad2 and Galaxy Tab were about 100g lighter than that as same size.
motorolaのタブレット端末、XOOMが欲しかったけど、同じサイズで100gも軽いipad2やGalaxy Tabを見てしまうと悩ましくなる。

If I take it to outside, lighter device is really better.

It was so fascinating that Galaxy Tab 8.9 was under 500g.
Galaxy Tabの8.9インチだと500gをきるのが魅力的だな。

I'm afraid that wifi-only model of Galaxy Tab will not be sold in Japan.
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