My father's English teachers in high school.

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Dec 3, 2015 17:44
My father's English teachers in high school.

My father was born and raised in the countryside.
He went to a local high school; It took several hours by bike.
The high school English teachers was very terrible.
One was going to American South to study English, and the other was going to Scotland to study English.
The two spoke English with an strong accent, because my father speak English with
Southern, Scottish and Japanese accent.hehehe.

I drew a moral from his story.
Studying abroad by destination is very important.
The same may be said of homestay.

Ikeda, one of my friends, was a homestay student in Canada for 2 weeks; his host family is Chinese and only speak Chinese.
His host mother is single mother; she was pressed for money.

However since when did it become a social welfare measures?