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Questions about french learning of international students

Being a teacher is a time and energy consuming stuff. It's more so to teach the special needs students. In China, the top 2 exhausting careers are teacher and doctor. However, it's genuinely rewarding to see students making progress. I b...
  • Only is she both diligent and steadfast, she could be wise and powerful.
  • She is both diligent and steadfast, but she could also become wise and powerful.Only if she is both diligent and steadfast will she become wise and powerful.
  • I wasn't sure of which of the two meanings you intended; check both above and chose which suits you.
  • I told her for a lot of times that long reading was hugely important as to a student who studied in north-american school and bought her a kindle and installed quite a few e-books in it.
  • I told her many times that long reading is essential to a student who studies at a North American school, and I bought her a kindle and loaded quite a few e-books onto it.
  • "Hugely important" has the same meaning, but is a bit uglier an expression. "Installed" is generally just used for software programs, not data files like music and books.

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