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May 7, 2014 16:23
I am certainly NOT an expert at personal relationships . I am likely to make mistakes just like everyone else , but I have learnt some good lessons over the years , and the mistakes that I have made in the past I try to never make again in the future .

By not making the SAME mistakes again & again , we can all make better progress towards happier longer-term relationships .

Here are some of the things that I have learnt over the years. This is not in any particular order of priority . Take what you want from this list .

1. Most people will always put their needs , before our needs.

2. ACTIONS speak louder than words.

3. A good heart is more important than a smart mind .

4. Most people are selfish .

5. We all need to set boundaries / standards, to protect ourselves : emotionally ; spiritually ; sexually ; and physically.

6. People are generally driven by their OWN agendas , not our interests or our personal welfare.

7. Talk is cheap .

8. Do they treat you as 'the one' ; or simply as . . . just another one. ?

9. If they are not honest with themselves , they can never be truly honest with us .

10. How they relate to , and treat their own family members ( mother / father / sisters. / brothers. ) is a guide to how they will also treat us in the future.

11. We signal to others how we expect we should be treated .

12. The Christian Bible clearly explains why the world is , as it is.
Mankind is weak and sinful .

13. Who we associate with , will either improve our lives , or , pull us down.
For our own happiness , we must choose very carefully .

14. We must accept what we cannot change.

15. Beware of a wolf in sheep's clothing ! .