Two Good Things about Moscow

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Aug 30, 2018 20:38
Some foreigners visiting Moscow can say that there are quite a lot of places that are worth to be visited. These hackneyed places are mainly museums, the Kremlin, the Red Square. The mausoleum of course! Who could resist taking a look at the modern mummy? I had been living in Moscow the most of my life, but I want to confess that I have never been in the mausoleum, while the Kremlin and most of the Moscow museums were visited once during my school time. In my humble opinion, there are few places in Moscow that deserve far more Tourist’s attention. The first is the Losiny Ostrov National Park. During the tsarist times, it was a hunting area for the tsar and his retinue. At present, it encompasses a large portion of forest harboring many wild animals directly inside Moscow. Having a walk there, it is super easy to encounter a moose peacefully chewing twigs. The second thing is the libraries. After the fall of the USSR, Russia has been seeing a lot of governmental reforms focusing on all aspects of life. Since all of these reforms have been run by incompetent idiots or even true criminals, the result is a total disaster every time. Surprisingly the reform of Moscow libraries is a success. Earlier Moscow libraries were boring places where you could take a book home or maybe spend few hours reading in the reading-room of the library. At present, all Moscow libraries have installed the free Wi-Fi and bought computers, which are free to use. So, everybody can go there to spend a few hours working on the laptop or stationary PC. Moreover, almost every evening the libraries hold some interactive lectures with the wide spectrum of topics varying from biology to history and art. Otherwise, it can be some games such as mafia or some topical meetings and discussions, for example, the meeting of readers of comics or Karl Marx. I advise you that if you are a tourist and do not know how to spend your evening in Moscow, then stop first locals and ask them “uvashemy’i, gde tut izba chitaln’a?”.