911 recording

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Mar 26, 2019 01:58
I would like to discuss 911 recording again. I've stumbled upon a 911 recording that you can find on the following link:

This recording is heartbreaking and funny simultaneously. The guy was a victim of the accident at work and he lost his leg. Obviously, he was losing a lot of his blood that's why he was really sure that he was about to die. Luckily, he managed to call the emergency service and then wonderful operator's work started. The operator was talking to the caller while paramedics were looking for him. The operator was really good, I'm so happy that the guy wasn't alone and he was able to talk to the operator and even joke. In my opinion, the funniest moment was when the guy said that he gonna die but then he said that he is not going to die because of the accident but his mother is going to kill him. I think that it is funny also that the operator was really professional and serious and he wasn't able to joke the victim back.