I Was Waiting for This the Whole Month!

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Aug 3, 2019 02:52
I rent the apartment at the building with the common laundry room. Month ago, some wiring problems caused there a fire. Because of that, the laundry has been closed since then. Luckily, at the same time, I had a trip to Moscow, so I was able to bring back to Helsinki a bunch of clean clothes. However, this month was a real challenge. I had to prolong wearing the same clothes for three or four days, but it was running out anyway. So this morning, I had the last set of clean clothes. An hour later, I received an email that our laundry had just been launched again! Unfortunately, the service company has not yet put there booking journals for each washing machine. Without them, the anarchy has emerged. Only somebody was motivated enough to make a sheet of paper with the temporal booking schedule for one machine. So I found a time slot there, and now I am waiting when my clothes to be washed and clean!