911 calls records vs 112 calls records

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Mar 21, 2019 19:51
I like to watch videos about maniacs and investigations sometimes. I cannot explain why, but it seems to be interesting to me. I also sometimes listen to the records of the 911 calls, for example, this one:

I've heard many records from the nineties and every time 911 operators are so professional. They always keep a caller talking until police arrive, even if the caller just killed someone itself. They try to calm the caller down, ask as many details as possible, give some pieces of advice about what to do if it's necessary. For me, as for person from Russia, it is really weird because Russia operators are usually irritated, rude, they don't want even to talk to you, they usually try to put the phone down as soon as possible. While I was living in Russia I was trying to avoid to call the police even if something horrible was going on. Because it is a well-known fact for all Russians that police will arrive after several hours and a person who has called will have problems. The person who called at least will have to fill many forms for nothing. Everything will be in vain and policemen will be worried only about a bureaucracy. However, I have to say that I remember that once the police arrived really soon after my call. It was in the middle of the night, I heard that woman was screaming outside and asking for help. I was trying to call the police at least 15 minutes and nobody answered. After 15 minutes of trying an operator finally answered and then after more 15-20 minutes the police arrived.

It is also really interesting to compare the operators work in two situations that happened in Russia and in the USA. I'm talking about 11 September in the USA and fire in the mall in Kemerovo that happened in 2018 (https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Пожар_в_торговом_центре_«Зимняя_вишня»). These situations, of course, really different, because the attack on 11 September killed almost 3 thousand people while 2018 Kemerovo fire killed 60 people. But in both cases, disasters happened unexpectedly, and everything drastically was going worse. There are many 911 and 112 (Russian emergency number) calls records on the YuoTube. Many 911 calls records became really popular because people who died by this attack was asking for help and also was asking to tell their relatives that they loved them. These are really heartbreaking records. People who were dying in Kemerovo fire tried to call emergency number either. As you can hear on this video: it wasn't so simple to reach 112. I understand, of course, that there were no so many 112 operators in Kemerovo. But we can hear also that operators were really irritated and rude. They weren't trying to keep talking to dying people, to calm them down. They even asked: "What claims to me?". I believe that this is an example of a lack of professionalism and preparedness to really emergency situations. It was stressful for all people: for victims of the fire, for parents of children who were alone inside of the mall and for operators as well.