My Thoughts on Ideology in American Movies

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Jan 4, 2020 00:10
Despite outcries that most American movies are immoral and stupid, I felt that they are not. When I grew up and read a book or two, I started noticing that almost all movies from the USA are rife with moralistic superstructures even when it is a comedy featuring bowel moves, sex or superheroes. A good example is the unquestioned necessity of family ties that pinpoints almost every American movie. When superhero-loners, the main role of whose is to fight villains thoughtlessly or under some blunt pretext, were deprived of their family, they always find those family ties at the end of a storyline. Wolverine, Deadpool; their name is legion. It may be not out of place to notice, that Walter White from the Breaking Bad series justified his criminal actions by the fact that he did it for his family. However, in order to not to go against Hollywood ideology, the authors compelled him to say that he committed that exclusively for himself in the last episode.
Someone may ask what is wrong with that. Is not that pivotal and inalienable pursuit of all people? Scientifically speaking, the answer is no. According to anthropologists, there is a plethora of primitives whose groups are far from the common understanding of family. Well, ok, but who cares about primitives? The family organization common to us is what proved to be successful in all literate societies. Moreover, it was blessed by most main religions. Thus, it must be a good thing.
It is not that simple. If there are family members for whom you can do everything, there must be others as well. Those others are way less valuable and that allows taking advantage of them. Even more, this is one of the main problems of capitalism. Offsprings of the rich are more likely to live well and occupy the most responsible posts. That immediately results in corruption and nepotism. To wrap it up, I believe that Hollywood movies are not so shallow after all.