Boris Badenov speaks English

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Mar 24, 2019 21:20
Here, I would like to unfold my thoughts on accents further. I am aware of a Russian stereotyped accent in English. I am not sure but it might have been perpetuated by a famous cartoon character Boris. I checked one episode of the Bullwinkle Show and must say that his accent is prone to critique at a certain extent. He pushes with some sounds too far in a way that would never be utilized by Russians. For example, He says Natasha as НатЭша, while it is pronounced in Russian almost the same way as in English: НатАша. There is another example: he pronounces the word think as Синк. The TH sound is absent in Russian, therefore I can imagine a Russian speaker utilizing Russian C instead TH. However, it indicates a very beginner level of English proficiency. Already at the intermediate level, all students pronounce it like Финк, which is closer to the TH sound.
The second point of my critique is connected with the previous one. That is a clear disparity between the strong accent of Boris and his versatile vocabulary. Frankly speaking, that is applicable to almost all Russian characters in American movies. I refuse to believe that you may develop so rich active vocabulary while your accent stagnating that much.