Word Order Part Two

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Feb 20, 2019 20:03
When it comes to emphasizing parts of a sentence, I have been struggling with distinguishing certain grammar cases in English since I started to learn it. For instance, the difference in the usage of "because" and "since" is usually explained through emphasizing causes or sequences in a sentence. It does not work at all for my Russian-speaking brain as well as for Russian friends of mine who also learn English. I swear that in the majority of examples provided in those explanations I do not discern which part of sentences necessitates emphasizing! They are equal to me. Emphasizing parts of a sentence in Russian, we manage fine with the aid of punctuation marks in writing and intonation in speaking. I have heard a stance of an English-speaker that word order in Russian can also be utilized for the purpose of emphasizing. Though, I think it is largely geared towards additional context-related information rather than emphasizing. I guess it is more like articles in English. Anyway, I am not a linguist so do not take my asserts too seriously.