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Aug 15, 2018 00:53
I had an interview in the previous week. It was my first interview on Skype so I was extremely nervous before it. I didn't know personally the scientist who interviewed me and I was afraid of lots of things from the language to his temperament. I was preparing to this interview through the reading of articles, watching an interview on the YouTube and speaking English on Skype with my friends. The interview was interesting and really difficult at the same time. We discussed my research background, motivation, the field of his lab researches, the project I want to be involved in and all of it was interesting and useful. But this scientist has an incomprehensible for me accent and he speaks very fast. I understood the most questions and phrases but there were two times when I didn't understand him at all. I've pulled myself together and asked him to repeat what he just said. And after the interview, I sent him an email with several questions to make everything clear. I heard from Australian professor on YouTube advice to write an email after the connection on Skype or meeting with the supervisor and know I know how important and useful it can be.