The True Russian President.

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May 25, 2019 02:34
Blaming the current Russian president, Putin, in the infringements of liberties, election falsifications, and other miscellaneous sins is a hackneyed feature of western political agenda. All of these makes him illegitimate in the eyes of the Western world. However, the true democratic president, Boris Yeltsin was welcomed and caressed by them. I like him more than Putin but for an uncommon reason. Unlike his successor, he was a heavy drinker experiencing cases of dipsomania on a regular basis. Thanks to that, he expressed the true sides of his personality. While being drunk, he tried to conduct the orchestra in Germany in 1993 in front of many journalist lenses. He also liked to dance, which means that he had manifold interests besides politics. According to his bodyguard’s book, he craped his pants while performing tipsy at the meeting in one of the Caucasus regions. This also speaks well for his sense of purpose. Nothing could lead him away from the goal. So we can forgive him for falsifications during the 1996 elections, coup d'état in or the constitutional crisis of 1993 when regiments loyal to him shoot with tanks the parliament and killed hundreds or thousands civilian protesters, the civil war in the Chechen Republic, the economic collapse in 1998, etc.
My real point is that many people inside and outside Russia think that its problems are rooted in the tyrannical reign of Putin, but it is obviously not exhaustive. Even the true democratic president in Russia is nothing more than a parody of a man. So maybe there is something ill with the basis of modern Russia and not with the political superstructure.