Simultaneous Translation

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Jul 9, 2019 16:57
Once again, I interrupted my practice in writing English. I had an international workshop in Russia, so I had to prepare my presentation and did some other miscellaneous things but these are just excuses for not exercising. Now, I am motivated enough to post and correct lang-8 entries every day but let’s see if it will work.

I would like to share my new experience of simultaneous translation. At this Russian workshop, we had an excursion evening visiting a local museum. A course organizer divided us into several groups, so that in my group, only I was the native Russian speaker. These groups were rotated among different halls in order to not overload guides with a large number of listeners. When we came to a certain hall, its guide happened to know only Russian so I was asked to translate simultaneously. I knew all words needed and even manage to recall some words that I rarely encounter. However, I could translate freely only half of the sentences. Sentences in which the guide used a word order different from English took five to fifteen seconds to translate it. I had to change the word order in Russian first and only after that translate it in English. I was exhausted at the end. I suppose that real simultaneous translators are well paid.