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Sep 3, 2018 05:31
While I was studying at school it seemed that the common root words in Russian and English make the learning of English easier. Now I see that it is wrong and this belief can cause some confusing situations. For example, I was sure that the words "normal" and "нормально" (it is pronounced "normal'no") have the same meaning. In fact, "normal" means that something is usual, regular. However "нормально" reflects a positive attitude of a speaker towards something. Another couple of words are "company" and "компания" (it is pronounced "companiya"). In Russian, it is very common to say "I have a company of friends" meaning that I have a lot of friends who are also friends among each other. In English "company" is commonly used as a synonym for the words firm, business, so the phrase "I have a company of friends" could be misinterpreted.