Scarlett Johansson Speaks Russian

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Mar 20, 2019 19:43
I have not visited social networks such as lang-8 for a while because of my student life, work at a lab etc. This is awful because I feel that my writing skills in English have been deteriorating since I passed the English proficiency test. So I will try to keep tuned again for mastering my English and to post lang-8 entries more often.

I stumbled upon a YouTube video that features Russian Americans watching American movies that depict Russian characters. This video brought me thoughts of general proficiency in foreign languages. Scarlett Johansson on 1:18 says a phrase in Russian, which is grammatically correct and should sound perfectly natural for Russian speakers. The problem is her strong accent! I feel her struggling with each sound so I have an impression that she is trying to say something in Russian for the first time in her life. On the flip side, Mickey Rourke on 2:30 pronounces a completely outlandish set of words or even sounds. There is no grammar at all! However, I would like to encourage him. He is hissing so intensely that he manages to produce truly Slavic sounds like Polish or Ukrainian speech, still not Russian but this is a great job anyway! So the keystone of your language proficiency is pronunciation. You cannot imagine how ugly and grammatically incorrect phrases are produced by Russian speakers including educated ones. And this is not the case of intent changing of grammar, slang, a dialect etc. However, they sound natural because of the absence of accent.