Hiding Swedes

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Aug 10, 2019 21:39
According to the official statistics, Swedish is the second frequent native language in Helsinki. However, this is hard to believe being a Helsinki resident. For example, yesterday, I was going to exercise and went outside to a nearby horizontal bar. I met only 7 people while walking, and all of them spoke perfect Russian. Now, I may get a clue to this. My Finnish colleague said that he is not able to distinguish Swedes speaking Finnish until they start dropping certain common Finnish linguistic particles, which do not have important grammatical or notional aspects. So maybe, I have never heard Swedes here because they speak Finnish with perfect Finnish pronunciation. Another possible explanation is rooted in history. Swedes constituted the nobility before the revolution. After its failure in Finland, the new government ensured the property rights for the rich. Because of that, Swedes managed to keep old money and be richer on average then Finns till present. So maybe, I do not hear them outside and in public transport because they prefer more expensive private cars.