Healthcare. Part 2.

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Sep 20, 2018 19:00
Then my pregnant friend decided to choose private healthcare. It seems that she had no choice at all. Anyway, it was necessary to search some clinic in the capital of the region because there were no private clinics in her small town. In my opinion, this is the real problem that in the most of regions of the country there are no private clinics at all, there are state clinics only but they are awful. Except for Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, of course. There are too many private clinics there and the most important state medical centers placed there. I don't think that private clinics much better than public. In most cases, the same doctors work in both private and public clinics. It means that the level of medical care is the same. The main difference is that there is no queue in private clinics and it is possible to get any medical tests and procedure immediately. I'm not an expert in economy and healthcare systems but It seems for me that in Russia there are no adequate laws for regulation in both state and private healthcare systems. I mean the regulation of quality of the medical care, compliance with its international standards, prices medical services. You cannot be sure that you'll get modern science-based medical care for your own or for state money. Doctors often prescribe homeopathy or Russian medications, which did not go through the clinical trials and not just useless but even dangerous in fact. However, there is an exception.