Do you support that the nuclear technology should be used for constructive purposes?

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Nov 4, 2018 23:44
The real world has been seeing a dramatic increase in energy consumption, which ensures the growth of the world's economy along with a comfortable way of living for the majority of the population. The traditional sources of energy like oil and coal cannot fully suffice for these demands. Thus, there are a number of approaches invented to fill that gap. Unfortunately, they all have the pros and the cons. Most of them are restricted to such specific conditions like the presence of a big river or the prevalence of shiny days during a year, so they cannot be a universal cure. In turn, the nuclear technology is universal because it only demands a specific type of fuel that can be easily transported to a reactor. On the other hand, if something went wrong, it could cause a severe damage to infrastructure and ecological situation. Well, I think that if we need a truly safe and constructive way of using the nuclear technology, then it should be kept out of the planet.
That is counterintuitive, but nuclear reactors claim to be environmentally friendly along with wind generators and solar panels. However, even technologically advanced countries like the USSR or Japan have not been able to prevent all unexpected situations, which have led to a radioactive contamination of vast areas.
If I were a decider, I would give the nuclear technology a chance. I am aware of a problem of energy supplies for a hypothetic spaceship launched for interplanetary expeditions. Recently, I have heard that the main technical problem regarding cooling of nuclear reactors in space has been successfully solved. I think that it is also a rather promising energy source for the first colony on Mars.