Corrupted Logic

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Oct 24, 2018 02:48
I practice my listening skills in English by watching some Youtube videos like TED talks or Crashcourse. Playing Crashcourse sociology lectures, I encountered a video about Karl Marx and its ideas that had an impact on sociology and a conflict theory. Looking into the comments, I faced a lot of jokers who offered a free helicopter ride to people who were positive or even neutral towards the video. The helicopter thing is a clear reference to Pinochet who has prosecuted a lot of communists by throwing them away from helicopters. Well, there are many people who can make a joke out of tragedy, so I leave them there. More interestingly, that the most frequent comment was about a failure of communism as an idea due to the fact that all socialist regimes have ended up miserably, they were repressive and so on. It is difficult to argue with that, but I have not had such intention. I do not want to advocate for communism or capitalism, but I think this ingrained logic is corrupted. Was Soviet Russia repressive? Yes, indeed. However, these people ignore that the Russian Empire was repressive either along with the Russian Federation. So, maybe the reason is not rooted in communism or capitalism. At this point, some folks can make an example of North Korea. Needless to say, that South Korea is a comfortable place for living and North Korea is not. However, according to a certain specialist in the history of Korea, it was not this way before the fall of the Soviet Union. Actually, the north was more advanced and maintained a higher quality of life for citizens compared to the south. It is worth noting that both countries had a dictatorship with prosecutions and other miscellaneous attributes of the repressive regime.