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May 18, 2019 04:49
Today was my turn to bring some food for the lab's coffee break. I was not sure about what to cook for a long time, then, I was advised here to cook pirozhki. I thought that it was a good idea! Traditionally, babushkas cook pirozhki for their grandchild, and my babushka always does it when I come to her. I strongly prefer oven-baked pirozhki to fried. I don't have an oven in my apartment but in our living complex, there are common kitchens with ovens that are available for residents of the complex. However, a system of common kitchen utilizing is really complicated: it is necessary to reserve the kitchen in advance and receive a key in advance as well. I managed to receive the key yesterday morning, but, unfortunately, something went wrong. At the evening when everything was ready to finally make pirozhki and put them into the oven I tried to open the door with the key, but I failed. I was struggling with the key and the door for about a half of hour but in vain. So I had no choice and I fried the pirozhki. These were my very first fried pirozhki, so I was concerned if my colleagues were going to like these or not. Luckily, my pirozhki had a big effect there and my colleagues enjoyed our coffee break and asked me about the recipe. I'm satisfied!
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