The Word Order

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Feb 14, 2019 19:39
It has been argued that Russian is difficult to learn because of the so-called free order of words in sentences. At the same time, trying to speak Russian, English-speakers, who use the English word order, sound unnatural. It is true at least at some degree but the disparity is not intimidated. The importance of the free order of words is especially acute in everyday speech, but it always accompanied by intonation so it is not hard to get the meaning. If a foreigner masters standard phrases without going deep in changing the order of words, they would sound even more literate.
On the flip side, I suppose that English is not that reluctant in the word order as it may be thought by Russians. My insight on this subject is rooted in an audiobook, which I used to prepare for my English test. It was a translation of the Russian book, but I have never read the original text. On the internet, I found small reviews of English speakers saying that the English text there is ornate and academic. The book sounded for me completely English in the word order and I thought that the translator did a good job. I was amazed, however, that, when I stumbled upon the original text, the word order in both texts was almost identical! The main task for the translator was to change Russian verbs in different forms into English verbs in suitable tenses or phrasal verbs.
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