Renaming Trend

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Jul 16, 2019 18:26
Since the fall of the USSR, Russian officials have been stick to the policy of renaming things and geographic locations with socialism-related names to tsarist or Yeltsin-related ones. I have heard that in the USA, there is also a similar trend for historical spots and things named after people with a slavery background. As far as I know, George Washington was a slave owner and his slaves were given his family name so it became the most widespread African-American family name in the USA. Are there voices in the US to remove George Washington’s face from one-dollar bills? Well, Americans do this because a considerable portion of the population is offended and this is understandable. At the same time, in Russia, we have lots of people who abominate communism and the USSR so they find all these Soviet names irritating. However, there is also a considerable portion of people who find offensive reestablished tsarist names and the majority of people hates Yeltsin-related ones since most Russians were hurled into true poverty due to his economic policy. Anyway, modern Russia desperately wants to lead its continuity from the Russian Empire. Maybe, Putin and his supporters want to increase their legitimacy that way. Who knows? There was a cherry on top when morons in Saint-Petersburg established a memorial plaque in honor of a tsarist general, Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim. The problem was that after the revolution, he became a regent of independent Finland and, later during the WW2, he was a commander of the Leningrad blockade (Leningrad is the Soviet name of Saint-Petersburg). During that blockade, more than 600000 people starved to death. So Russian officials managed to offend almost everybody inside Russia and, once again, they proved to be retarded.