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Jun 9, 2019 21:33
I feel that my anxiety is about to back in my life. Two breaking news from Russia makes me feel sick. The first one is that a certain Russian movie company sues a well-known Russian movie critic - blogger ( ). The formal reason is that he violated copywriting law somehow, while according to the law he didn't. However, obviously, the real reason is that he created a devastating review of their last movie ( ). The funniest thing is that the movie went totally unnoticed by viewers as most of the Russian movies that were funded by the Ministry of Culture because they are mediocre and were created to stole state money only. The movie's creators don't even care if the movies have grossed anything or not because they already have income by money that was given by the Ministry of Culture. However, the badcomedian's review made the movie and the movie company popular. Unfortunately, they prefer to remain unknown to such popularity. But there's no going back and the army of thousands blogger's fans is hating the company and is ready to donate money to pay the fine. As for me, I like to watch his reviews, because they are usually fun and full of angry and sarcasm for the last years.

Another news is that one of the Russian journalists from a certain online newspaper (that is considered oppositional, but I don't really think so) has been arrested allegedly because of the production and sell drugs. The officials arrested him claims they found several grams of cocaine in his backpack. Just after the arrest, several photos allegedly from his apartment were published. The photos depict an underground drug lab. However, journalist's friends, colleagues, and relatives claimed the photos made somewhere else than his apartment, then the officials said they were accidentally wrong and the photos are from another case about underground drug lab. I don't know if the journalist is drug Diller or not but the fact that he investigated several bureaucratic corruption cases, that he was arrested during his new investigation of monopolism in the field of funeral services and that such "errors" made by the officials occurred is really suspicious. As usual, he was refused by the contact with the lawyers and human rights defenders for a long time. He claims he was beaten by policemen, the drugs were planted and the case was completely fabricated.

The case caused people to publish posts about their experience in contacts with Russian policemen. They told a lot of stories of corruption, neglect, and abuse by Russian police. I and my friends have such stories as well, some of them are really funny, some of them are really sad. The funniest I thing is that one of my friends was robbed by a militiaman when he was a teen. Only five hundreds of rubbles, that are equal to about seven and a half dollars, were stolen, but for the Russian student, it is a big sum.