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Sep 3, 2018 19:26
My Finnish friend said to me that when Finns listen to Estonian speakers talking not very quickly they could understand most of the information, but the language sounds a bit weird and funny, “with lots of childish words” as he said. Having had this in my mind, I have come to a thought that the similar situation in the Eastern Slavic Languages. Russians listening to Ukrainian understand more than two third of the information easily thanks to the almost identical grammar structure and considerably overlapping vocabulary, but more interesting that Ukrainian sounds very childish often and I would say rustic in general. Somehow when you listen to Ukrainian songs there is no such impression. In contrast, I would say that there is no similar effect when you listen to Polish or Check. I just do not understand the information at all, it sounds strange but not childish or rustic. So, I was wondering if there is a similar effect among other mutually understandable languages, or maybe there is even a specific name for that.