Adventure of hare' family

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Aug 1, 2019 02:36
Despite the fact I studied vertebrate zoology in a University I didn't know a lot about hare's biology except their digestive system. I've encountered hares outside Finland only once. It was during student field internship on a small island that was located in the White Sea. So observing the hares in our courtyard from the window was extremely interesting. Since the time I saw the mother hare with her offspring, I looked from the window regularly to see them. Based on my observations I concluded that most of the time leverets are alone in the bushes, but sometimes mother hare comes to them and grazes somewhere around. Then, when it’s getting dark, she leads the leverets to the park. Unfortunately, I don’t know what they do there and when they come back (and when they sleep, actually). Luckily, we have the park just next to our place, it is a really nice green zone with a small pond there. To achieve the park the hares have to cross a road. We live in dormitory area and vehicles pass the road really rare, but even this road is a problem for the hare family. It was funny and sad simultaneously when the mother hare crossed the road and was waiting for leverets, but six leverets rushed scatter because a man was walking around. I was observing for an hour, but they didn’t cross the road successfully.